Friday, January 24, 2014

More Toxic Chemicals to Avoid and the Need to Real Reform

Here is an image from the website It's a Harleyyy Life that shows succinctly shows 30 toxic chemicals to avoid and their health effects. Many we have already gone over, but I like the presentation of this graph and it may be a good printout for your home or shopping list.

Here is another image from Women's Voices for the Earth.

As you can see, by removing toxic chemicals, we could avoid many costly health issues. However, our health system is based on treatment, not prevention and current laws are not strong enough to regulate these chemicals off of the market. While Ava Anderson offers non toxic products and I am proud to be a consultant, I am also a believer in the need for real legislative reform.

Currently, there is a bill called the Chemical Safety Improvement Act (CSIA) in the Senate and in Committee in the House that has the backing of the Chemicals Industry (The American Chemistry Council). CSIA does not allow states to ban or take action on chemicals they determine to be dangerous. It does not protect hotspot/fenceline communities. It does not protect pregnant women, children, or other vulnerable populations, and it places more bureaucracy in place at the EPA, delaying any action they could take on toxic chemicals by 5-8 years. 

That's why I support the group Safer Chemicals Healthy Families. They work in DC and they work in collaboration with groups around the United States to lobby Congress, and push for real legislation reform to protect our families and ALL populations.

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